What my customers say

Daniel Hoffman's cello rental is absolutly great!
We were traveling from Spain and I wanted my daughter to take cello lessons in Berlin and we were afraid to take our own cello on the plane, so we looked for a cello rental service.
Daniel is charming, kind and super professional. He let us choose cello and bow and the rental included case, rosin, etc. The cello we rented was exceptional, much higher quality than our own and sounded "brilliant" and the cost was also affordable.
Thank you very much for your kindness and trust, Daniel! We hope to return to Berlin soon and will definitely rent the cello with you again. I absolutely recommend it!!

Raquel Rodriguez, August 2023

Can I give six stars? My husband wanted to practice the cello during our week stay in Berlin so that his practice would not be interrupted. Daniel was able to accommodate him on such short notice. The cellos he tried sounded so colorful & vibrant - each with its own unique personality. Now, we will upgrade the cello upon returning to California.

Daniel really tries to support the global music community. He was so kind and gracious - a truly good human being.

Damian Eads, September 2023

Simply great! I was able to rent a wonderful cello last summer and everything worked perfectly. Very good service, super warm and professional at the same time. Highly recommended, I would do it again at any time :)

Laura P., January 2022


I found cello rental online and immediately fell in love with one of the instruments. Now it's with me and I can play on it at home.For me as a beginner, it is a completely new and different experience to learn on such a beautiful and sonorous instrument. A really great idea! I hope others will also find their dream cello here.

Tina Brockmann, November 2022

Everything worked out perfectly! Great instruments and great service.

Christoph Croisé, January 2022

Very reliable, very personal and professional. The instruments are of high quality. Thank you very much for the excellent 'service'.

B. Holst, June 2020

Absolutely recommended, thanks to competent and friendly advice when selecting cellos. The instruments are wonderful in sound and appearance. The short-term rental period is ideal, which is particularly great for children, as it allows you to “just try it out” without having to commit to a long-term and costly commitment. The cellos are available for rent in all sizes; from the smallest children's cello to adult size. Everything is included in the rental package, including the bow and a transport case, so you can get started right away. A great all-round, worry-free package.

Ina de Oliveira Barreto, August 2020